Part 5 in a series that will soon end about the Caravan Show 2017

We adore beautifully restored old caravans. What’s not to love about them? Not only do they represent a lifestyle ideal from past decades but they’re gorgeous to look at and are usually beautifully decorated.

The Caravan Show was to feature a number of vintage vans. Unfortunately, we attended the show on the Thursday and the vintage vans were due to be onsite from the Friday onwards. We kind of wish we had known this in advance as we may have changed the day in which we attended.

Fortunately, there were two lovely retro vans at the show on the day we attended. One was in the general area where the other caravans were due to appear the next day and the other was being used as a small cafe near the middle of the show.


Lovely vintage van used as a small cafe. Photo bomb courtesy of Mr Little Box who didn’t think he’d appear in the picture.