The final post in a our series on The Caravan Show.

Caravan technology and design has come a long way since our van was constructed in the late 1970s. This is particularly evident at an event like The Caravan Show where the latest models and a variety of designs are available. Everything from simple two person campers through to luxury models with outdoor areas and separate bedrooms.

A lot of vans appeared to be aimed at the grey nomad demographic. The fixtures and fittings are luxurious and well appointed with features like wine chillers and recliner chairs. The inclusion of some form of bathroom/laundry is quite common and wifi is expected. Family caravans are still available but they were certainly in the minority.

Here’s our quick survey of some of the stand-out features.

The caravan skeleton. We really liked this. The company was big on encouraging people to visit their factory stating that you really needed to visit all of the caravan factories before you make a decision. That could take a while.


We have a soft spot for little campers. Everything is neat and compact. Perhaps not great for anyone with claustrophobia but a convenient way to travel for those on their own.


We had a look at a tiny caravan. It folds flat for travel and pops up when you are using it. Designed for two people it included a small kitchen, a double bed and a tiny combined toilet/shower unit. How tiny was the toilet/shower? Far too tiny if you’re 6’5″, apparently.


We were amused by the dressing of some of the vans. Lovely linen and accessories to show how you can live the dream. Selling the lifestyle. We can see how it would influence some people.


Definitely not for the family caravan! Luxury seating for your travelling comfort.


Take your wi-fi with you!


And take a grey water tank with you. This is actually a really good idea. If you have a grey water system in your home, there’s nothing stopping you from having one in your traveling home.


Special bonus feature with this van! Not only does it include a jack but you also get a free stapler.*


We saw this sort of sign quite a few times at The Caravan Show. We’ve since been told that the Prado is the entry level SUV/4WD that can be used to tow a caravan. Wasted opportunity though. There should have been a Prado dealer onsite or special package deals for those buying a Prado and a caravan together.


*possibly not really a bonus feature