Part four of our ongoing exploration of the Caravan Show 2017.

We’ve already mentioned the gadget sections of the Caravan Show. To be honest, we think they are our favorite part. We’re not in the market for a caravan at the moment and we aren’t heading off touring around the country side instead we’re naturally drawn to all of the gadgets you didn’t know you needed.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of gadgets and “essentials” for caravan life. From special steps, folding tables and plastic plates to collapsible bowls, refrigerator fans and thermal cookers. So many items to see and assess. So much love.

If you buy one of these, you too can grow a caravan in 5 easy steps. Everyone needs to start with a Caravan Starter Kit.


We really liked these. We liked them so much we’ve included both versions of the product. These could easily be used in the regular home let alone in a caravan or when camping. Why we didn’t actually buy one of these may remain a mystery. Might have to do some post-caravan show shopping.


Larger version of the same product.


Not actually a gadget of interest. We just liked the way the objects were packaged together on a trolley ready for transport to your vehicle.  Great sales technique.


There are many shoes on the market that are designed to be worn in water. Most look like they are meant to coordinate with your wetsuit. These are the only ones we have seen that actually look like you can wear out to dinner after a day at the beach. Available in a number of different designs for both men and women. Very tempted by these.


How cool are these? Slip resistant magnetic glassware for those prone to knocking over their freshly poured beverage of choice.


Not pictured: the thermal cooker. We think we saw three or four different versions of this product. Every time we see one, we’re tempted. Such a clever idea.