The Little Box on Wheels

A journey through the world of the novice caravan owner


We’re a semi-retired middle-aged couple who have recently purchased an on-site van in an established caravan park just a short distance from Melbourne, Australia. One of us has had life-long dreams of owning a caravan, the other once travelled around Australia with their parents and lived in a caravan for three months. One of us has romantic notions of caravan life. The other is a realist.

Our caravan is a late 1970s Millard Sunrader with an annex, en-suite bathroom and a massive semi-enclosed front verandah. There’s a BBQ, a full-sized fridge, a TV, a washing machine and a dryer. Very much a home away from home. However, we are novices in the world of caravans and have a lot to learn.

This is the story of our adventures in the caravan we have affectionately called The Sled.