Yet another entry on our visit to the Caravan Show 2017.

We really don’t get this. Or maybe we do. What’s with all the animal statues at the Caravan Show? Are they symbolic of your potential travels through the outback and wilderness areas or Australia? Or are they just a gimmick to draw you into that stand? We guess it might be the last one as that’s how it worked for us. We were most certainly drawn to the stand… to take photos of the animals.

Here’s some of the wildlife you might encounter when visiting the Caravan Show:

See! It’s a jungle out there in Caravan land! Is this symbolic? We already know rhinos are like trams. Does this mean their caravans are like rhinos? Or maybe it was more subtle and their caravans are like trams? Not convinced.


A natural bush setting. Not sure of the location. The kangaroo doesn’t look too happy. The fish possibly represents what it’s like when you first enter the world of caravans.


Not shown: the giraffe with its head out the top of the caravan. Not sure what that represented… don’t forget to secure your van or wild giraffes will take up residence?

Dinosaurs! RAWR! We think this means their products are sturdy enough to survive an attack by a small dinosaur.


The owls are are not what they seem… these guys were in the “all the gadgets you didn’t know you needed” section. Their heads move. Are they to freak out other travellers? Or maybe they are meant to scare off wild animals. Never did find out as there wasn’t a label to tell us their purpose.


Not actually an animal… though it was made from one. Is this actually functional? Does it represent what happens when you are bored and on your own in the remote regions of Australia when you have nothing to do but add a few more metres to your whip?