One of the first changes we made at The Sled was the “fixing”of the couch. It wasn’t totally necessary as the back pieces used as sides were mostly functional and we could probably have coped with the two sections being separate and moving all the time. Well, other people might have coped but it would have bothered us every time we sat down.

And, maybe, perhaps, this was just another excuse to visit IKEA. We like IKEA. It’s one of our happy places. This time around we were purchasing two new sides with covers and the clamps to go underneath to hold the two sections together. Easy, right? Of course not. This is IKEA where every fourth* visit will result in an issue. This time it was the computer system and the lack of staff. It took us a while to find a staff member (and then four come along at once) and the computer system didn’t seem to want to let us order the part from the warehouse. Then, when we could order, it wouldn’t print out so we could pay for and pickup the items. A working computer was located near the checkouts otherwise it would have been a wasted journey. Better luck was had at the spare parts counter where the assistant located some clamps to hold together the two sections.

For those with an interest in such things, the couch in question is from the Sondheim range  of modular couches. The back sections  used as arm rests were easily removed and the proper sides went on without an issue. It worked just as it should do. The clamps joining the parts together, not so much. They were too small for the job and most probably belonged to a different product. Nice try IKEA guy!

This is one of those times we’re kind of glad there’s a Bunnings nearby to the The Sled. With some quick thinking, two large bolts were purchased and the sections were joined together.

Now the couch is perfect. I imagine it looks no different to anyone else but we know it’s better.

*experiences may vary.