I guess storage is always an issue in a caravan. Mostly it’s about making the best use of the space you have and carefully choosing which items stay with you in the van.

I suspect our situation may be a little different from some other people with vans. We’re an older couple with no kids and our van has a permanent annex and is onsite at an established caravan park. To be honest, at this stage, we have an excess of storage – far more than we can conceive using in the immediate or even long term future. There’s a set of drawers and a shelf with baskets in the bunk area that we have yet to use in any real capacity. The ensuite has a single door cupboard that only contains a few towels and the matching pantry cupboard is around 1/4 full. And that’s before you talk about the under seat storage, the wardrobe or any of the other nooks and crannies that provide convenient storage for all of your holiday and caravan needs.

Of course, that doesn’t stop us looking at ways to improve the areas where storage is limited. The original caravan kitchen doesn’t have a lot of storage space. Hence the need for the pantry cupboard. Even though we’re not currently using the cupboard to it’s full potential, I can see others filling it with all manner of goods. It’s still early days for us here and we’re still getting established so we’re missing many staples that are a feature of our pantry at home. Space isn’t great for crockery and kitchen appliances. We wanted to improve the cupboard and bench-top storage capacity so headed to one of our happy places – IKEA.

Our product of choice is the Variera range of shelves. In this case we opted for the smaller of the two varieties and created an extra layer for the cups in the cupboard and the tea and coffee on the bench-top. Yeah, okay, we do have an excess of mugs. We have the original lot left behind by the previous caravan owners plus the new ones we purchased from IKEA because they matched the van. Yes, we should probably send the old ones to the charity shop. We’ll hold onto them for now. We might have guests sometime in the future.


We used a couple of pieces of cardboard to level the Variera shelf as the kitchen cupboards gently slope towards the front of the cupboard.


The large version of Variera was put to use in the lower cupboards to separate the two lots of plates. Dinner plates on top, bread plates underneath. The Variera isn’t large enough to enable the large plates to sit on the bottom.