We’ve been a little quiet at The Little Box of Wheels. Lots of things happening away from The Sled so we’ve not been visiting as much as we’d like. There’s also been lots of things happening *at* The Sled in our absence.

We’re fortunate that the Caravan Park at which it’s based has a great team of employees who are willing to work with the residents to improve their sites and enhance the park experience.

As much as we love The Sled, there were issues with rain and leaves entering the front verandah from the open side near the trees. We knew we need to make some changes. According to council regulations, we couldn’t enclose the space with a solid wall but we could add a moveable wall or one that was partially open. We had the option of custom made café blinds but we felt they wouldn’t prevent the seepage of water at the ground level and would be an inadequate solution. The park owner suggested we create a partial fourth wall to semi-enclose the space with the option of adding a window arrangement in the style of the one on the front of the verandah. This looked to be our best option and the work was completed in due course.

The view from the outside table prior to commencement of construction.


Part way through construction. The wood frame is in place. Note the amount of water on the ground.


Another view during construction.


Stage one completed. We can still see the trees but the new extended roof and half wall should provide a little more shelter from the rain.


Another view of the completed work. Note the gate – this should prevent future “I know a short cut” issues.


We’re quite pleased with the work so far. Long term we may add a window covering similar to the front of the verandah along with some blinds but we want to see how this works before we make the final decision on future changes.