Last week we took ourselves off to see to see the Victorian Caravan Camping and Touring Supershow. We’ve been before but this was our first time as caravan owners. Yes, we know our caravan doesn’t go anywhere but it’s still a caravan!

We went knowing that the show isn’t really geared towards people like us. Most of it is about the latest life-improving gadget or the newest caravans with super-duper features to make you think you are living in a tiny apartment and not a home on wheels. But still, it was an entertaining day and lots of fun. There was plenty for us to see and do and we can see why multi-day passes are available – if you were in the market for a brand new caravan/camper it could easily take you many days to look at all that was on offer.


One of our favorite things from the show wasn’t actually anything to do with caravans etc. It was the courtesy carts! These volunteer driven golf carts made it easy to get around the showgrounds and are perfect for those with limited mobility. Considering the size of the show and some of the target demographic, these were a fantastic way to jaunt around, back and forth, as you looked at options for purchasing products or to help you make the long journey back to public transport or where your car was parked. One of us was a bit unwell on the day we attended the show so it enabled us to last longer than we would have otherwise have been able to and made the day incredibly pleasant. Only gripe was the placement of the stops compared to the path the carts were taking. Some of this was just a result of where other passengers wanted to go but it was a bit disconcerting to see empty carts go by just 20 metres away.


Of course, the show isn’t just about caravans and campers. There were information stands for popular tourist destinations and many stands featuring everything you didn’t know you needed until you saw it at the show and realised it was just *perfect*. There were many such things and quite a few things that amused us so we’ve decided to spread this over a few posts.