We inherited a bathmat when we purchased The Sled. It isn’t the sort we like so we gave it a wash and planned to donate it to charity as it’s possibly quite new. We extracted it from the washing machine and it was still soaking wet such that we thought the spin cycle was missed. Back in it went for another spin. And then another because it was still soaking wet. It occurred to us that our machine may be faulty so we hung it up on the line. Twelve hours later, still wet. Twenty-four hours later, still wet. Admittedly it was only getting a small amount of sun but *should* have been dry at this stage. We’re considering calling an exorcist because it must be possessed (j/k). We left it sitting out in the sun draped over a metal bar stool. It finally started to dry. Our question is: how the hell would you dry this thing if it got wet while it was on the bathroom floor?